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Rua Vasco da Gama
2460 AlcobaƧa

We had taken a wrong turn, and this campsite was not on our itinerary, but we are very happy for the mistake we made!

A very beautiful campsite that certainly meets Northern European standards. Fitness center at 200 meters, beach at 500 meters, supermarket a 10-minute walk away. There was an animation program for children and evening entertainment by a Portuguese singer. Everything was meticulously arranged, which is a rarity in central Portugal. Consequently, the price was significantly higher.

Our daughter, who had been longing for other children to play with, could be found in the pool with new friends within 10 minutes. She quickly made an English-speaking friend, expats from Great Britain. We were completely engrossed in their story: they had lived in England for 10 years and had now been living in the husband's home country, Portugal, for five years. It was enough to make anyone daydream!

Unfortunately, her friend had to leave after two days. For us, it was also time to continue our camper holiday.