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Estrada da Beira
3400 Nogueira do Cravo

The last night in Portugal. The atmosphere was darker; the usual laughter and chatter at the dinner table were replaced by an icy silence. We all felt that the end of the vacation was knocking at the door. But that's how it is... "all good things must come to an end."

One last trip to the supermarket, taking a good look at the prices of the fresh fish (7€ for 4 pieces of tuna steak); it would be a long time before we'd see such budget-friendly food again. We filled the fridge well for the journey home.

Almost forgot, we were staying here for free, you won't believe it: with free WiFi, electricity, a playground, BBQ, and a bar and bakery 100 meters away.

This was really the cherry on top. Not that we are stingy on our camper vacation, but with two kids and 2500 km of diesel, you have to keep an eye on the budget a little.